About Melissa

I’m a happily-married 32-year-old woman.

I love my husband, my children, my family, reading books, and taking pictures.

I have two daughters: a micropreemie (Adeline) and a termie (Kate). Since my Addie’s premature birth, I’ve learned a lot about neonatology, miracles, and what it means to be a mom.  Since Kate’s full-term delivery, I have learned a lot about progesterone, bedrest, and redemption. My girls mean the world to me.

I was raised in Texas, so I love TexMex and barbeque (more than I should).  After a six years detour in the Midwest (in which I met my husband, got married, and had my first child), I’m back home in San Antonio!

My husband is from the other “heavenly” state: Iowa. He sings in a barbershop chorus, but you probably figured that out from our daughter’s name. I know more about pitchpipes, tags, polecats, and ringing chords than the average 30-something woman. :)

I’m excessively fond of Jane Austen. If I’m not on a photography site, you can probably find me here. My other favorite authors usually hang out in the children’s literature section: Mem Fox, Sharon Creech, Andrew Clements, and Peter H. Reynolds, to name a few.

I abhor all condiments (mayo, ketchup, mustard, and especially relish).  I really only like ranch dressing; I’ll use it as a dipping sauce for chicken, put in on my hamburgers, and of course, use it for vegetables. My favorite ranch dressing is Chili’s recipe; I haven’t found anything else that comes close.

I love Chick-fil-A.  My husband and I have been in the First 100 for two Chick-fil-A openings.

George is my favorite Beatle.

I cheer for the Packers and the Spurs.

My feet are usually cold, regardless of socks and/or shoes.

I’m a Honda girl. In fact, we’re a two Honda family.

I believe in babywearing and extended rear-facing for children. Our older daughter rear-faced until her third birthday, when she outgrew the height requirement.

I was an elementary school teacher for four years.  I also taught preschool while I was pregnant with Kate. Other than being a mom, there’s no job I’ve loved more than teaching.

I love to wrap gifts, and I’ll even say that I’m really good at it, thanks to the five years I spent as a “Hallmark girl.” (Double-sided tape is the trick–shh!)

Blogs with automatic music drive me crazy, since my computer time is usually when one or both of my children are sleeping.  Also, I’m really bad at those word-verification things.  ;)

I’ll continue to update this page as I think of things you need to know about me.

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