About melissadPHOTOGRAPHY

Melissa Droegemueller*

children & family portraits + nature photography

San Antonio, Texas

email: melissa.d.miller.photography [at] gmail [dot] com

*Droegemueller is pronounced dreg-a-miller, hence the “miller” in my e-mail address. It means “dry miller” in German and is proof that I love my husband very, very much. Not too many people would sign up for a 13 letter last name. :)

How I began:

I fell into photography because of my husband. He was a newspaper reporter for a small town paper when we met. Many of our dates were car shows, soldier homecomings, holiday festivals, etc. After a year of following him (and the paper’s Nikon), I decided to get a DSLR of my own. When he started using some of my shots in his layouts, I got more serious. :) I love nature and other “still” photography–that’s the style most often found in my beginning shots.

And then:

Our first daughter was born June 2008 and spent the first four months of her life in the NICU. When she was released from the hospital in October 2008, we were put on quarantine through the winter. I spent five long months cooped up with an infant–and she became the focus of my photography. I began to document every significant moment of her life and that’s when I decided I needed to learn more about the science and art of taking pictures.

Gaining confidence:

I have no idea when I first heard of MeRa Koh, but she has been an inspiration through my photography education. I followed her blog for years before I got the courage to attend one of her Confidence Workshops. In November 2010, I spent a weekend learning from MeRa and her husband Brian. I bought a new lens and a swanky camera bag and realized that I want to DO something significant with my photography.

And now:

I love snapping children and families–each one is unique, making my job super fun!

I’d love the opportunity to be your family photographer. Contact me to reserve your photo session today! Click on the links below to learn more.

Portrait Philosophy



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