Melissa D Photography | San Antonio Photographer: Portrait Philosophy

I hated having my portraits taken as a child. Wearing glasses meant I had to hold my head at an unnatural angle to avoid reflecting the flash. I would be so focused on keeping the pose, I’d forget to smile naturally. Even when I looked halfway decent—which was rare—my pictures were exactly like every other client’s who walked out of that studio: same backgrounds, same poses, same silly props.

melissa d PHOTOGRAPHY is different.

Every portrait session is as unique as you are!

  • No studio. I specialize in outdoor, natural light photography—no flash and no stale backdrops.
  • Meaningful location. Your home, a favorite park, a special landmark—the setting is part of the story.
  • Comfortable, authentic moments captured forever. No stiff, cookie-cutter posing! Expect to walk, run, jump, play, and laugh your way through your photo session.
  • Genuine personality. Bring props that showcase what makes you (and your family) unique, if you’d like. Why not have an impromptu concert or family football game? If your children are younger, bring a favorite toy or special blanket.

I want every member of your family to enjoy the experience and love the final results!

How to prepare for your photo session:

Contact me for a day and time that works for all involved.

Choose a location that holds special meaning for your family.

Browse the Internet or looking through magazines to find pictures that inspire you. Be sure to share themes or favorite poses with me before the session.

Pick colorful, timeless clothing. Your family doesn’t have to wear the same thing (all black shirts and blue jeans, for example), but be sure to choose colors that complement each other and keep busy patterns to a minimum.

Double check the details. Add fun jewelry. Trim fingernails. Choose shoes and socks you like—I can guarantee at least one picture will have your feet showing.


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