Monday Musings by Melissa :)

I did it! I ordered my business cards from!  :)  Here’s a sneak peek, for those of you who are interested.

The cool thing about Moo is that you can have different images printed on the front side for no extra cost.  I picked 25 of my current favorite shots and now I’ll have a mini-portfolio in my camera bag at all times!  (And by the time I run out of those, I’m sure to have new favorite shots!)

*     *     *

Do you ever feel like you’re getting the same message over and over again from a variety of blog posts, or experiences, or sermons at church?  I LOVE it when that happens…and I love it even more that I’m keeping a journal and I can see reoccurring themes appearing in my life!

Here are are a few things I’m pondering:

  • My word of the year is FREEDOM.  I’m loving that choice!  Me Ra also suggested that we pick a color for the year…I haven’t gotten around to that yet, but I am consistently choosing grey and purple accessories.  I’m also loving the color green.
  • There is an awesome self-portrait exercise waiting for me!  I have been participating in 52 weeks of Me, but this is a special assignment (also from Me Ra, who is AWESOME, if you don’t read her yet).  Here’s an excerpt of the exercise instructions: You will take TWO Self Portraits.  One image will have you in the photo.  The second one will be an object that symbolizes you.  Both Self Portraits are meant to document where you are in your journey of life.  When you think about this present season of life–this monumental moment in your journey of being committed to SOAR!, being on your way to become a successful photographer…How do you feel?   Are you excited, afraid, alone?  What colors are you wearing?  If we saw your true insides, what would they look like right now?  What object would symbolize this time in life?  What angle would you shoot it from and why?
  • As I mentioned in the post below, my friend Jennifer invited me to her Grammy’s 75th birthday party.  I went to take pictures of the family, which was a wonderful learning experience for me.  I shot without a flash (an external flash is on my wishlist…it’s a long list, though!), which meant that I needed to shoot at a high ISO and a low aperture.  (Basically, I would be fighting blur to get lovely, focused images.)  My sweet husband recommended I bring my laptop and upload my pictures throughout the evening to ensure I was getting it right–and it was a perfect suggestion!  Thanks to him, I was able to tweak my settings and get a handful of shots I’m really proud of and a bunch more that I’m sure the family will really enjoy.  (Did you see that? FREEDOM from perfectionism!)
  • The BEST thing about attending the birthday party, though, had NOTHING to do with photography.  I learned so much about myself and about becoming a godly wife and mother as I listened to story after story about Suzy.  I had never met her before, but WOW-a lovely woman from the inside out!  Even as others were praising her, she kept pointing back to Jesus and saying, “It’s all because of Him.”  Hmm.  I cried over and over again as those sweet words cleansed my soul.  So thank you, Jenn, for letting me eavesdrop on your family for an evening!  I’ll never be the same.
  • I clicked on this blog post this morning and read something that rocked my world.  A woman who doesn’t fight with her husband?  Yes, please.  Here’s a snippet I’ll be clinging to: If I said those hot words that I felt so justified in saying, I would hurt the man I love. Those words would show ingratitude for the months he encouraged me to leave town. They would null the hours he spent as a “single parent” while I was away, policing over our 15-month-old on the staircase. These words I held would strip him of the good he achieved & give him justification for resenting me. If I fought, there would be no winning – only dishonor & resentment & selfish pride.
  • It coincides with a Martin Luther quote I’ve seen several times recently: “Let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let him make her sorry to see him leave.”  (See what I mean about getting the same message over and over again?)
  • And finally, I’ve been re-listening to our current church message series (got faith?) on iTunes during naptime.  I love to scribble down notes as Paul is speaking on Sunday mornings, but I also love to sit down with my journal and my Bible and pause the message as I write down my thoughts in a more coherent manner.  Today, I really reflected on the message of Hebrews 11–what is it that I ultimately trust in?  Is it knowledge or money or family?  Is it my own need to control things?  Or is it my loving, living, righteous God?

So that’s what I’m thinking about this beautiful Monday afternoon.  I’d love for you to share your thoughts below!


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