Saturday Afternoon

I look forward to Saturdays all week long.  I love having my little family all together, safe and warm and cozy.

Today’s agenda held no special plans.  It’s raining here in San Antonio, which always makes it feel like fall, no matter what the calendar says.  On our way back from grocery shopping, my husband commented that he loved the rain.

“Really?” I asked. “Why?”

He told this lovely little story about growing up in Iowa and heading out on rainy afternoons with an umbrella and bare feet.  “We’d run up and down the hill in front of our house and get soaked. My mom always said that we’re washable.”

We brought all the groceries into the house and took Addie out for a splash in the rain puddles.

Unfortunately, she took a little slide in the gutter, right after I snapped this photo.

All I can say is, our girl is tough!  I joined her in the splashing fun, and whoo~that water was cold!  She enjoyed her warm bath and nap, and now we’re ready to cheer on the Packers!


3 thoughts on “Saturday Afternoon

  1. Wow … I always forget about your photo blog when I’m looking for pictures … these are nice!! What a fun Saturday afternoon event!! And I like the close-ups of both you & Adam, too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It took me a minute to recognize what the first picture was … Addie in her carseat via the mirror on the backseat headrest!! =)

    The photo of you looks like it should be on the back of a book jacket … the photo of the author!! Nice!

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