32 things in 2011

As many of y’all know, I went to the life-changing Confidence Workshop with Me Ra Koh and her husband Brian last month.  Well, today is a BIG today for four of the women who attended the workshop with me—they have applied for the amazing SOAR! Scholarship for 2011.  I am so excited for Summie, Kelli, Jeannie, and Heidi; they are all ready for such BIG things!

After November’s workshop, I seriously considered applying for the SOAR! Scholarship myself.  Then, Adam and I sat down to talk about our hopes and dreams for 2011—and we’re hopeful that something even bigger than the SOAR! Scholarship is on the horizon.  :)

Last night, while over 100 women were furiously finishing up their SOAR! Applications for the midnight deadline, I took a cue from one of my other inspirations, Elise, and created a “to-do” list for 2011.  (It looks like Elise makes her list on her birthday, but I’m ready to jump in NOW!)

  1. Design a photography logo.
  2. Organize and back up all photos to CD and external hard drive.
  3. Research recertification requirements.
  4. Go to the dentist.
  5. Sew something.
  6. Get melissa d photography legal.
  7. Order business cards.
  8. Get a bicycle.
  9. Take dance lessons with Adam.
  10. Raise $3,000 for the March of Dimes.
  11. Get a photograph published.
  12. Go to the optometrist.
  13. Find a photo developer I like.
  14. Take a graphic design workshop or class.
  15. Start an etsy site.
  16. Travel someplace we’ve never been.
  17. Take Bimmer to the vet.
  18. Take two education training classes.
  19. Buy a fancy outfit for our 5th anniversary. Do maternity clothes count?
  20. Start a photography small group.
  21. Finish Addie’s baby book/scrapbook.
  22. Take Adam and Addie to the beach.
  23. Buy a camera bag from ephinanie with melissa d photography money. I bought a Kelly Moore bag instead!
  24. See Straight No Chaser in concert (for the 3rd time…gotta be in the first five rows!)
  25. Go to the dermatologist.
  26. Offer preemie portraits to NICU parents.
  27. Read 20,000 pages (updated from 100 books, just in case I read LONG books).
  28. Go to the OB (several times).
  29. Have a baby.
  30. Take Addie to the Nutcracker.
  31. Go to Maryville for Christmas.
  32. Have 10 photography clients by December 31, 2011.

4 thoughts on “32 things in 2011

  1. RE #6: I can help you with the legal stuff if you want.

    #7 For business cards you might want to check out moo.com

    #13: Locally I like Photo Express. They do a pretty good job and aren’t too expensive. For online you might want to check out mpix.com.

    #26: That’s been on my to-do list for a while. Let me know if you want to approach places together.

    Good luck!

    • I love moo.com! I’m just waiting to get enough pictures in my portfolio to have them printed.

      And yes, I’d love your input re: being legal! :)

      I’m trying out WHCC for pictures…they sent me a test batch and they were beautiful. I’m going to order more next month to check out sizes and pricing.

      Thanks, Helen!

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