Addie’s Shoes, Part II

Nearly two years ago, I snapped this shot of my seven-month old daughter on our way out the door.

They were Addie’s first shoes–my mom bought them for her while I was still pregnant.  And then, our sweet miracle girl came into the world 14 weeks early, weighing just one pound, 8 ounces.  It was a shock.

She was so sick, so touch and go, for the first few months, I honestly didn’t know if she’d ever leave the children’s hospital.

When I saw these shoes, sitting in her unused bedroom, I just about lost it.  They were SO much bigger than her tiny preemie feet.

The top shot is Addie when she’s 8 days old; the bottom shot is THE shoes with her hospital ID band.  Quite the difference!

When I took the picture of Addie wearing THE shoes in January of 2009, I was so excited and thankful that she had survived the entire ordeal and was actually able to fit into the shoes (which still seemed HUGE to me).

As it happens with young children, it really wasn’t that long before she outgrew THE shoes.  I tucked them (along with the hospital band and her first pair of socks) on a shelf to help me remember.

Here are THE shoes today, next to Addie’s current pair of sneakers.

Somewhere along the way, my itty-bitty tiny baby grew up!


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