In His Hands


Five months ago, my daughter was born.  She was unexpectedly early; 14 weeks early, to be exact.  My beautiful, courageous girl entered the world only 13 inches long and weighing only a pound and a half.

She spent the first four and a half months of her life in the NICU at our local children’s hospital, with her besotted mommy and daddy at her side.  (Gramma and Grampa weren’t too far away, either.)

The lens of my camera has had a different purpose for a while.

Instead of capturing the beauty of nature, it has been recording the grace and strength of a true little miracle.  I have hundreds of photos from our time at the hospital.

And now, my amazing girl is home, 7 inches longer and three times as heavy as the day she was born.

Of course, my camera has a new subject…and I am free from the walls of the hospital, looking forward to enjoying the change of seasons and the coming holidays.

My Adeline reminds me of the song, “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.”

“He’s got the tiny little baby baby in His hands…”

In His hands, indeed.  Hallelujah!


8 thoughts on “In His Hands

  1. hi, melissa. i’ve been checking in every so often, hoping to hear and see the good news about your dear baby Adeline. I’ve prayed for you both, and your husband, and am so happy to hear that she’s finally home! Congratulations, and I know this holiday season will be all the sweeter for these answered prayers. Blessings

    p.s. this is Kelly from IVCF at UTSA, in case you don’t remember me, ask Dawn :)

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