Addie’s Fourth Birthday | San Antonio Children’s Photographer

Sometimes it’s fun to take pictures of your own children…and sometimes, it’s not. :) Luckily, Addie was in the mood the day I wanted to take her fourth birthday portraits.

Hard to believe this little girl:

has grown into this:




L Sisters | San Antonio Children’s Photographer

This photoshoot took place last fall. These two adorable girls had SO much fun laughing, playing with their jump ropes, and splashing in the rain puddles. I was so honored to capture this time in their life!

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V’s First Birthday | San Antonio Children’s Photographer

You might recognize this beautiful little girl from her family’s holiday shoot in the fall.

Our plan was to shoot pictures outside, but we woke up to rain…so this resilient mom and daughter invited me back to their house. We used her beautiful nursery for a backdrop, opened all the blinds, and prayed for the best. Nothing can stop an adorable one year old!

Mother’s Day favorites! | San Antonio Family Photographer

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, I wanted to share some of my favorite photos that I *hope* are hanging in the homes of these moms!

Updated family portraits make great Mother’s Day gifts! If you don’t have time to schedule a session before the big day, we also do gift certificates!

FREE April Session: Date Night | San Antonio Family Photographer

I’d like to try a fun Date Night session, so I’m offering one for FREE.

A Date Night session is a chance for married couples to spend some time together, have fun, laugh, and rekindle their romance. Most married couples haven’t had their picture taken professionally since their wedding!

The other night, after a particularly rough day, my husband was hugging me and I thought, “I wish I could have a photo of this moment.” Not to put on our Christmas card, obviously, but there’s something special about the way a husband and wife “fit” together so comfortably after knowing each other for years.

My parents let me do a couples session with them a couple of years ago, when I was just learning the ins and outs of my camera, and those are pictures I will cherish for a long time and pass down to my girls. A healthy marriage is a legacy! And we all know that it takes time and effort to keep a marriage healthy.

So a Date Night session is similar to engagement sessions–just you and your beloved enjoying each other while I take pictures as unobtrusively as possible. It could be something as simple as a picnic or a walk through one of the missions or Pearl Brewery. It could be at the site of your first date or where you got engaged (if that happened in or near San Antonio, obviously).

A Date Night session would be perfect for Valentine’s Day, or an anniversary, or just because you are married to your best friend!

Still interested? Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • a couple married for at least 3 years
  • no children or able to find a babysitter (not provided, sorry!)
  • adventurous spirit
  • comfortable with public displays of affection (hand-holding, hugging, maybe even some kissing!)
  • willing to trust me–I’m not out to make you look like fools, I promise!

Here’s what you get:

  • at least an hour of my time, shooting your date (more if we’re having too much fun!)
  • several edited photos on an online gallery for two weeks
  • complete and total say in which pictures I share publicly online and/or use for business
  • five high-resolution images on CD with a print release
  • 50% off any prints you order through my lab

Due to this type of session–where BOTH spouses will be willing to make a little effort to celebrate each other–there’s a little bit of process to be entered in this giveaway. Please send me an e-mail ( [at] gmail [dot] com) with the following details:

  • the names of you and your spouse
  • how long you’ve been married
  • your “story” (one paragraph is JUST right)
  • one sentence from each of you along these lines: “One thing I love most about my spouse is…”

I promise your fella will have fun on this session, but if he’s already dragging his feet, you might not be the right couple for this giveaway! Entries will be open through 11:59 p.m. on March 31st. Hope to hear from you and your beloved soon!

C Family | Boerne Area Family Photographer

The C family won a free photo shoot over on my Facebook page. :) They picked the Cibolo Naure Center for their location, and WOWEE, what an awesome place! I’ve been there before (remember this awesome family?), but for this shoot, we spent our time by the water.

Here are a few of my favorites!

What a beautiful, photogenic family! :) Thanks for letting me take your pictures, y’all!

Bluebonnet Photos 2012 | San Antonio Children’s Photographer

These are my girls!

We pass by this patch of bluebonnets every day, so earlier in the week we did an “official” shoot.  :)

My baby girl has brachycephaly (a flat spot on the back of her head), so she wears a helmet 23 hours a day (for the next few months). When I look at this picture, I mostly see my older daughter nuzzling her sister’s soft hair…that’s the story I want to remember!

Of course, it’s also their first picture in the bluebonnets, and wow, do we have a beautiful crop this spring!

It feels so good to be back home in Texas!

**If you’re here because you googled “brachycephaly,” please e-mail me  or comment below. I’m part of an awesome support group on Facebook and we’d love to welcome you!**